Monday, January 7, 2008

Can Federer do it one more time??

Shhh Quiet .... Did you hear the sound ? The Tennis musician at work !!

Or I guess question would be “Will Federer lost a set in Australian open this year” or “will be see another brutalized match between Federer and Roddick”? Or “Should we allow him to play tennis with the pace he is playing?”

Roger Federer was once asked what advice he would offer if he were coaching another player getting ready to face him.

"Don't even try, pal, You're probably not going to win." While Federer was quick to say he was joking, it is pretty accurate right now.

I have never seen any game so unfair. It’s one sided :-(. There are 127 players (actually 64) fighting for winning the runner up trophy. Few of them are lucky not to fall in Federer half so they can play till final – other are just waiting for the day when they have to face the playing legend. It’s the matter of time when you get the painful unmoved road blocker on your way. Of course Federer is gonna do it again – and in his style!!

It’s so one sided that you may not see a fighting match before semifinal. Or probably there is a way. Probably they need to change the rules for him, something like – win pre-semi matches in 3 sets – no second serve – no server beyond 175 – unforced error will cost him the next points – something like that. Then may be there is a fight.

don’t think it’s in reach of playing minds especially on grass and hard court. Its can’t be possible by one player. You need to take it out from many of them. Pick the serve of Roddick – add Nadal spin to it – backhand of Youzhny and Gasquet – top spin of Nadal – Mind of Djokovic - Determination of Nadal – Forehand of Djokovic – bolly of Mirnyi – Feed that to a boy and after 20 years when he is on top and Federer is old & weak – lost his serve, speed, mind, forehand, backhand – Well then it would be. Otherwise there is no chance in HELL.

So if want to see another round of brutal play, get ready. Australian open is coming !!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Federer - The tennis Musician

“I have missed more than 9,000 shots in my career, lost more than 300 games, 26 times I was trusted to take the game winning shot and failed. I have failed over and over again and that is why I succeed." Michael Jordan

Success - in any game - doesn't come easy. People learn by their as well as other mistakes. As they said "You will not live long enough to do all the mistakes. You have to learn from other's. "

And most importantly players has the desire, passion and dream to chase which makes them different from the breed. Federer said once when asked why did he came to plan such a lot price money tournament - "Its not about the money. We are chasing our dreams" !!

Federer is by far the most perfect player in the tennis history. The only player who haven't lost his first rank since he achieved that, won 3 grand slam in a year three times and many other records. Federer continues to rewrite the history books and probably by the time he hangs up his racket, history book will be converted in an epic.

But this success doesn't come to Federer easily. During his starting days, he as among the angry man in the court - Now in most of matches you will not find a single sign of emotion on his face, had more unforced errors than winners - Now you may find the record books with no unforced error in the complete set, over ambitious, slow moving guy - Now converted in perfect selection, fastest in the court.

He is a tennis musician. May be when he calls it a day, we need to clear the history book so that its reachable to others.

"you're either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist or a hard court specialist ... or you're Roger Federer."

"Roger can produce tennis shots that should be declared illegal."